What A Child Should Learn Before Going To School

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Before your child enters the soil of a nursery in Dubai or a school, home is where a foundation will be laid on them. Therefore, there is much that they learn at home before they step out of the house as the beginning of another adventure. Before this, you as a parent will be responsible in giving him/her the basic learning on different aspects of life. This does not only include learning the numbers and letters but also the overall quality, values and manners in life. Let us take a look at what you need to teach your child before they head out of the house to the outside world.

Good manners


A child first learns what they see at home. This is why, you as a responsible parent should always be an example to him/her. As how they treat others and their expectations will be based on what they see in their home environment. Therefore, try to make the house feel as safe as possible while also teaching them what is good from bad as once they step into the outside worlds, their manners will become a reflection of your upbringing of them at home.


Before your child heads out to a nursery school the basics of communication will be learnt at home. You cannot expect their kindergarten teachers to teach them how to talk; it is something that they need to learn at home. Typically, your child will start to speak by the first year and you need to guide him/her through it by teaching those important words and methods of conversation. Do not make it too complex; just let it flow and they will handle the rest. In fact, we all have passed this stage of life.


They need to have had proper exploring opportunities at home. Let them talk, play with toys and question you on things. Do not ever consider them annoying when they are trying to learn something as showing interest in learning is actually a good sign. Therefore, even before attending nurseries this will be a learning opportunity for them. Take them outside to the garden and show them around and make them a part of the environment so that they will naturally become children of the earth.

Love and compassion

Teach your child to love their neighbours. Without love and compassion in one’s heart, there is no way that they can overcome the challenges in life. They will someday need to work with others and therefore require people skills and learning such qualities at tender ages will be the ideal first step to a healthy citizen.

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