Month: June 2016

Guidelines For Transporting Valuable Items

Small businesses, jewelers, and cash-only businesses must frequently transport money or items of great value with them. This is a risky venture that can result in the valuables being stolen, or worse people being hurt. This is why the security of such transport systems must be taken very seriously. There can be a lot of negative consequences if the trip is not appropriately planned or handled.

One of the more common options is hiring armored vehicles. This discourages thieves from stealing your property or at the very least keeps them at bay during a robbery. It is not always enough, however, to simply have a reinforced vehicle. Sometimes, you need to take other precautionary measures as well. Here are some security techniques you should consider:

Small Circle of Trust

Even if you work for a small company or feel as though you can trust the people around you, you should keep the transport day a secret. Ideally, you should be the only person who knows when you are transporting the money to the bank. The more people that know the details of the drop, the more things that can go wrong. Sometimes information can get passed into the wrong hands without people even meaning it to.

Don’t Have a Routine

Having a routine is one of the easiest ways to get robbed. This is because people can easily note down the dates, times, and routes that you take day in and day out. To make sure that thieves cannot set traps for you or your valuables. You can choose spur of the moment routes or plan a different each time. To ensure that these routes remain unknown, you should not share this knowledge with anyone. Even the driver should only be told about the journey at the time of the drop off.

Have a Security Team

Usually, hiring bullet proof cars is more than enough to ensure that you dissuade criminals from trying to take your property. Depending on your cargo, however, you may want to consider an actual security team. You may want to compile your own group with the people from your company. You also have the option to hire external security services as well. The more valuable or extensive that your payload is, however, the more fortified the team needs to be.

You can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing how to protect your assets. Of course, to further save yourself from any criminal activities, you should insure your belongings. As long as you are smart and follow the necessary guidelines, however, you should be safe when transporting your valuables.