How To Write A Good Business Plan

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Planning is important to everything we do in our lives. We cannot expect to get along a hectic day without a clear set plan let alone get a job done. Therefore at the inception of all great things, a clear cut plan is needed. Similarly if you are to achieve you entrepreneurial goals, and to enter new markets and achieve profitability having a business plan is important. A business plan could persuade banks, investors, impress suppliers, clients to join hands with you in business. Therefore to know how to write a business plan without missing out on anything is a skill required by a businessman.


Before you start off writing there are a few things that need to be done. First of all analyze the potential markets for your business. Before you think of the business setup procedures see if there is a future for your products and the potential market for them. Next is to know the size of your potential market. This is important to decide the scale you need to operate on. Targeting a smaller market at first will be the best option at the start. Next, identify what supplies you will need to start off. What equipment you need and what type of a location. Determine how much it would cost you at the start up. Finally as a preparation process, have a sample of the product you have in mind. This will show the practicality of your idea and prove that it is possible.


First of all, define the company. A business plan would be of no use unless you are certain on the reason for the existence of your corporate. Take notes of the goals and objectives of your company, what customers you need to satisfy and how you plan to do so. Investors will be very much interested how meaningful and marketable your business will appear in the eyes of the customers. Next, design your company and the business setup Dubai. What type of work force is required and how the hierarchy of the organization would be. Next, decide on a strategy to obtain a competitive advantage to your corporate. Note down how the strategy will work, and how it will differentiate your product from those of others. Decide whether the strategy is to offer low priced products, to provide superior service or to have speedy delivery.


First thing is to decide the content of the document and the number of pages. Keeping things short but effective will attract the investors. Keep the executive summary to be completed at last. The general contents will be title page, TOC, executive summary, broad company description, products &services, operational plan, marketing plan, organisation & management and the financial plan.

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